Embroidery Process Fees

Embroidery Process Fees

Set-Up Fee


To design, set up and for miscellaneous materials to produce your project.

Per-1000-Stitch Charge


When I produce your design in the size that you want, we will know how many stitches are required. If there are 34,780 stitches, the stitch fee will be $43.48. I will NOT reduce stitch quantity to save money.

Thread Changes


For each color in your design, we need to change the color of the thread. This takes time to re-thread the embroidery machine.

Needle Changes


Some specialty threads, such as Metallic threads, require different needles than regular embroidery threads.


You can send a new item direct to me with prior approval so that it can be embroidered. AMAZON is great, but there are other sources I know. Just share the product with me and I will let you know if it works with your desired plan. OR: you can leave it to me to source the material for cost + 20% For example, if the materials cost $6.00 each after shipping and taxes, you will be charged $8.20 for the product. We recommend that you buy your product directly, but make sure to check with us first to see if it will work for what you want to do.

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