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With a strong foundation built on years of experience, I take great pride in delivering exceptional customer service and top-notch quality in my work. My dedication to each project is unwavering, as I strive to offer the best results for my clients. I am always courteous and committed to keeping you informed every step of the way.
My turnaround time is competitive within the industry, and while expedited projects may incur additional costs, I'm confident you'll find my rates reasonable. I also offer flexible options for materials: you can send me a new item of your choice after consulting with me for approval, or you can trust me to source the material myself with a modest markup.
My stitching service is charged per 1000 stitches, ensuring you get the precise design you desire, without compromising quality. I also charge a modest set-up fee and a small fee for thread changes, as I work diligently to minimize the need for color alterations.
Rest assured that I prioritize transparency in my pricing, so you'll have a clear understanding of each cost involved before making your decision.

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